The Clarendon Rose

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  • ebook
  • 234 pages
  • The Clarendon Rose
  • Kathryn Anthony
  • English
  • 13 June 2018
  • 9781257426966

About the Author: Kathryn Anthony

Born in India to bi racial parents, Kat Anthony grew up in Canada, and later lived in Japan Kat has worked on a film in Germany, been a contestant in a French language gameshow, and had close encounters with snakes and crocodiles in Australia Kat is a lawyer by day not to mention sometimes by evening, night and weekend as well and writes whenever she can fit it in.Kat lives in Ontario, Canada

The Clarendon Rose Word Spread Through The Countryside Like The Whisper Of The Wind Through The Branches Of The Tress He S Back The Prodigal Son Had Returned But That Was One Of The Few Things The Whispers Could Agree Upon Some Claimed He Was A Changed Man Ready, Finally, To Shoulder The Responsibilities That He Had Shirked For So Many Years Others Claimed That Any Apparent Changes Were Merely A Ruse Once A Ne Er Do Well, Always A Ne Er Do Well And The New Duke Had Been Far Worse Than A Ne Er Do Well He Had Been A Rake, A Degenerate And A Scoundrel The Other Thing That Everyone Agreed Upon, Whether Tenant, Servant Or Villager, Was That It Was A Fine Thing That Miss Tina Had Finally Gotten Engaged To Lord Edmund That, At Least, Would Keep Her Safe From The Prodigal S Degeneracy For Surely Even The Duke Could Not Have Sunk So Low As To Seduce His Own Brother S Betrothed

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    For me this wasn t the most scintillating read of my life, but neither was it bad.I did loose focus during the first third of the book, however, the plot and place picked up over the remainder There were a couple of typos, and the truly irritating sentence towards the end.he pulled on some pants really, they didn t wear pants I do feel that if you want to write an historical novel it does behove you to try to stay at least true...

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