Demon Days

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  • Paperback
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  • Demon Days
  • Richard Finney
  • English
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9780983704416

About the Author: Richard Finney

The bestselling DEMON DAYS Book Series was launched in 2009 Originally, the three sequels to DEMON DAYS were published as one book DEMON DAYS Angel of Light, but have since been re published as DEMON DAYS Book Two DEMON DAYS Book Three and DEMON DAYS Book Four I am also author of the PS Series of e books on Professional Screenwriting All the books have become amazo

Demon Days While On Vacation, Journalist Sandy Travis And Her Fiance, Tom, Are In A Horrendous Helicopter Accident Tom Is Seriously Injured And Has An N.D.E A Near Death Experience Where He Sees A Bright Light And A Figure Who Tells Him That He Must Go Back To The Living Because There S Still He Must Accomplish With His Life After Tom Is Revived, He Tells Sandy That He Believes He S Spoken To God As It Turns Out Tom Is Wrong Horribly Wrong The Episode Plunges Sandy Into A Dangerous Race Against Malevolent Forces Who Want To Trigger Armageddon As Foretold In The Bible She Must Save Her Husband From The Dark Forces Who Suddenly Control His Life By Following A Bloody Trail Of Coded Secrets And Targeted Assassinations Sandy S Plight Will Pit Her Against An Otherworldly Cabal Who Use The Process Of N.D.E As A Way Of Orchestrating Events That Will Usher In The Demon Days

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    I don t want to give any spoilers so I m going to make the review as vague as possible while still trying to convey exactly how awesome this book really was.To be completely honest I did find the beginning to be slightly slow and there are a few parts at the beginning where the dialogue seems a little awkward There is some stuff you have to get through to really dive into the actual story head first But once you really get into it the action and story line is fast paced.The book just sucks you in and doesn t let you come back up for air The big twist to the book and face it of course it has to have one, it wouldn t be a thriller horror type book without it was something that I NEVER saw coming It was masterfully executed Lost worthy even.I also thought the mix of thriller suspense and the smattering of the gorish splatter type horror crudity that was there was a great blend Very interesting and well balanced.The characters are compelling and the r...

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    I was actually sent the second book DEMON DAYS Angel of Light by Richard Finney DL Snell for review and since this was a prequel or the start of the story the authors were kind enough to include it for me I have not read the second book yet This review is of Demon Days by Richard Finney DL Snell.

    World Building This story takes place in modern times, and in various locations around the world It is the real world so there is not a lot of world building needed to get the jist of where we are.

    The book starts out in Har Megiddo, and then jumps to the main characters in New York and follows them to various locations such as Hawaii

    Characters The main characters in this story are Father Olsen is a priest who gains the knowledge that the end of days is coming Sandy Travis is a reporter in New York Unlike most vanity reporters, Sandy hard nosed and is interested in bringing the hard hitting stories Tom Hanson is a struggling artist who has just landed his first gallery exhibit He is also Sandy s fiance.

    Plot As the synopsis states, this book is primarily about Sandy and Tom Tom has a near death experience and afterwards is just not the same Sandy,...

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    Father Olsen has traveled to Har Megiddo to seek information on an ancient text that has been discovered one that has prophecies regarding the End Times The Demon Days He brings this information to Sandy Travis, who works for a news show in New York City called 24 7 Sandy brushes him off she is a logical person and does not believe in metaphysical nonsense such as this Besides, she has enough problems of her own she and her fianc Tom Hansen have just returned from a vacation in Hawaii during which they were involved in a helicopter accident Tom died briefly before being resuscitated, during which time he had a Near Death Experience N.D.E he claims he saw a being of beauty and light, which called itself the Angel of Light and told Tom that he had to go back, he still had work to do on the Earth Tom believes he had an experience with a heavenly agent Tom believes he has been touched by God Tom couldn t be wrong A harrowing and fast paced horror nove...

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    I received a free copy of this book through a Good Reads First Read giveaway Thanks Even though, at first glance, this is a type of book I would normally gravitate towards thriller with religious overtones , I was somewhat reluctant to start this title As listed, this is a special edition of Demon Days It has the first book, Demon Days itself and then its sequel Angel of Light.I m glad I gritted my teeth and took the plunge, because, as it turns out, there was gritting of the teeth involved Only, it was gritting of the teeth due to wanting to know what happens as the story steamrolled along Yes, folks, this is a book you will find yourself reading well into the wee hours of the morning I found myself still up at 2AM I can t remember the last book I read that would prompt me to stay up so late past my bedtime that gallons of coffee the next morning would be a necessity to function.I won t do a synopsis here because I don t want to give a...

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    First, I want to thank the authors for providing a copy of this book for me to read and review.Demon Days is a short novel about the beginning of the End of Days We ve seen this before, right Not so fastit is put together so differently than all the other books out there about the Apocalypse.The main character is a journalist who gets caught up in a supernatural plot soon after a helicopter accident in which her fiance experiences a NDE Near Death Experience the plot involves the Middle East, Satan, and possessed assassins No spoilers thoughon to my thoughts about this book.At the beginning of the book, I got distracted by the choppy dialogue sequences, but it did not take long to forget any awkward sentences and get immersed in the action The pace of Demon Days is break neck and does not let up at all At times, the speedy pace hindered scene development Interestingly enough, this began to create an atmosphere of desperate urgency This urgency made ev...

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    Do you really truly know how crazy this sounds Because that would make me feel a whole lot better I wanted a fast paced thriller that I could read on an airplane flight across country Demon Days was certainly the book to answer the bell I cracked it open on my lap top had to wait until the plane took off to continue then read the entire book before we landed And that is a compliment because flight was a Red Eye Rather than sleeping I got involved with Sandy Travis and her boyfriend, Tom At first I thought they were going to be on a wild adventure together, but it turns out Tom is not himself after a helicopter accident At least Sandy is the perfect person to figure out what s behind Tom s strange behavior.This is a little bit like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but it definitely has a vibe all of its own This book is obviously kicking off something bigger, and yet the authors ...

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    Book Title Demon Days Angel of Light Author Richard Finney D.L SnellPublished By Lono PublishingAge Recommended 18 Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 5Review Never have I read a book so full of intriguing plot changes that can keep you guessing til the very end Finney and Snell have the kind of collaborating ability that writi...

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    I ve read the Demon Days Special Edition and I must have This saga has great potential I anxiously await the next book This book is fantastic.

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    Richard Finney and D L Snell, Demon Days Ape Entertainment, 2009 Messrs Finney The Chimes Before Midnight and Snell Roses of Blood on Barbed Wire Vines, viz review 2Jun2010 turn in this slim novel, the first in a series the second novel of which, Angel of Light, has already been released There s not a great deal here you haven t seen before, but the authors throw in some interesting twists and adopt the globe hopping tactic of keeping the reader interested with fun descriptions of, let s face it, places you and I are probably never going to travel to It must be an effective ploy, thriller writers have been using it for decades, and as far as I m concerned at least, I always buy into it one hundred percent An armchair traveller is me Plot a number of seemingly unrelated events are pointing Biblical scholars to the conclusion that humanity is entering the last days Not that this is anything new every generation believes in the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ, am I wrong But as we open, we discover that this generation s beliefs may have something a ...

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    This supernatural political thriller is really of a set up for what it to follow in a separate book than a complete novel in and of itself Still, Demon Days is a gripping read with an intriguing central premise that those people who suffer near death experiences and see God are actually encountering a different entity altogether The story moves at a lightning pace, which is perhaps understandable, since there is not much in the way of descriptive narration, character development, or subplots to slow ...

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