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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • HipsterMattic
  • Matt Granfield
  • English
  • 15 May 2017
  • 9781742377858

About the Author: Matt Granfield

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the HipsterMattic book, this is one of the most wanted Matt Granfield author readers around the world.

HipsterMattic I M SORRY, IT S OVER YOU JUST DON T SEEM TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE I CAN T BE WITH SOMEBODY WHO DOESN T KNOW WHO THEY ARE.Broken Hearted, Alone And Sobbing So Hard There Was Enough Snot Coming Out His Nose To Give An Elephant A Phlegm Transplant, Matt Granfield Decided The Best Way To Find Himself To Truly Know Who He Was Was To Become Someone Else.Already A Bit Of A Hipster, And With His Ex S Words Ringing In His Ears, Matt Embarked On A Journey To Try To Become The Hippest Person On The Planet The World S Ultimate Hipster.The Quest Began Innocuously Enough Visiting Trendy Caf S, Selling Homemade Jewellery At A Market Stall And Writing Poetry But It Quickly Spiralled Out Of Control Soon There Were National Bike Polo Championships To Attend, Tattoo Parlours To Visit, Bands To Start And Organic Vegetables To Grow But Would All These Hipster Adventures Help Matt Find Himself To Truly Know Who He Is Would They Help Him Become The Ultimate Hipster HipsterMattic Is The Hilarious And Endearing Tale Of One Man S Heartache And His Subsequent Quest To Find Himself A Must Read For Anyone Who S Ever Tried And Perhaps Failed To Be Cool.

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    Being a bit partial to hipsters the idea of a quest to become the ultimate hipster tickled various parts of my brain particularly the bit that recently inspired me to plant heirloom tomatoes But while hilarious and cute in equal measure, the attempt was all rather half hearted, which Granfield cleverly explains is in keeping with the hipster theme, but really is just sheer laziness Or perhaps I m just bitter because I fully applied myself to a similarish year long quest a few years back and didn t get my own book deal Perhaps I particularly enjoyed the way Granfield handled dialogue and the priceless situations he gets himself into As it s set in my own home town the references to places I am all too familiar with and people I vaguely know made for a much richer experience However the lack of resolution was disheartening, although I guess it s not surprising to come up trumps when your attempt to find out who you are is based on trying to be somebody else I can definitely...

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    I loved Hipstermattic And not just because I got to play spot the local cafe bar but because it s funny, it s insightful, it s oh a little bit close to home if you like Moleskines, soy lattes and heirloom tomatoes

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    Fun and light and i learned what a ristretto is

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    The writing isn t phenomenal, but there are some genuine laughs to be had, with the book that is Not at it So after a devastating break up, Matt is told that he is a man child, someone who has no comprehension of who they actually are He calls up his friend and tells him this, only to hear that he s sorta a hipster He s half way there with the glasses and the facial hair, why not go all the way and become the ultimate hipster I really enjoyed this It was so much fun, easy going and proved that you needn t be the most remarkable person to have a story worth telling Plus, this is properly funny as in, I was laughing out loud in public spaces as I was reading this It also has some of the coolest chapter titles too And it s AUSSIE Win.Fixed gear bicycles, over caffeinated antics and over priced plaid shirts aside this was the first time I actu...

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    Well it is set in Brisbane, not the hippest city in the world, although from an objective perspective Brisbane has to be the centre of Australian kulture in that from when a casino opened in the city the locals were quick to start calling it Brisvegas.With the proximity of the Gold Coast the Goldie with its theme parks and the Sunshine Coast Sunny Coast with upmarket holiday accommodation the economy allows the Great South East as the Government refers to the area the feel of a bizzaro Californication that has recently shrugged off the long shorts and long socks of the public servants and the mullets and ponytails of the tradesmen There were always a minority of rebels from the gay, music and alternative groups trying overhard to look hip They have been displaced since the 90s by the techno cool and financial groovers who display the manners of 18th and 19th century British landed gentry.Overall a good a place as any to ...

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    I ll preface this one by saying that the person who gave me this for Christmas said she wouldn t be offended if I dumped it after reading.Take loose book idea.Chuck in Simpsons references, Bieber jokes, overuse of gay and ghey Pad with what appear to be ill considered stand up lines.Print Profit Hm.This is a pretty weak book It s neither a check out my growth tale nor a decent stab at hipsterdom It seems too constructed, too much a case of writing to spec You know how there s blogs that seem to be the equivalent of a pitch for a publishing deal This feels like the offspring of same, though it s trying too hard to be witty and largely failing to actually skewer hipsterdom.I really wanted to like this, but it s lame Go sit at ...

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    The line between ironic and moronic is seriously blurred in one man s quest to become the ultimate hipster As a person who does not approve of hipsters, I thought this book was pretty hilarious It confirmed that hipsters are strange and precocious creatures that would be filled with bad poetry, coffee, and ridiculous amounts of cider if you stripped away their flannelette clad skin Matt s journey to become the ultimate hipster takes far less time and is a lot less arduous than one would assume but hipsters are a lazy breed Nonetheless, this ...

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    Having received it as a Christmas gift from my sister I was at first unconsciously reluctant to read this book It took me about 8 months to pick it up and I m lucky I did The lines More to the point, you don t seem to know who you are You don t know where you re going You have no sense of commitment I m sorry It s over very ...

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    Entertaining and easy to read, gives a fairly basic yet thorough insight into hipster culture, proving just how shallow scene movement is.Also of note, early on a possibly intentional misspelling of waitress weightress and not a single mention of the holy gr...

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    Good for a giggle.

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