Aristotle: A Contemporary Appreciation

☉ Aristotle: A Contemporary Appreciation PDF / Epub ❤ Author Henry Babcock Veatch –
  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • Aristotle: A Contemporary Appreciation
  • Henry Babcock Veatch
  • English
  • 09 May 2017
  • 9780253201744

About the Author: Henry Babcock Veatch

Veatch was born in Evansville, Indiana He obtained his Ph.D from Harvard University in 1937 and spent his career at Indiana University 1937 1965 , Northwestern University 1965 1973 , and Georgetown University 1973 1983 where he was Philosophy Department Chair from 1973 to 1976 He also had visiting professorships at Colby College, Haverford College and St Thomas University.Veatch was active

Aristotle: A Contemporary AppreciationUnder The Guidance Of Professor Veatch, Aristotle Stands Forth Again As The Philosopher Who, Above All, Speaks Simply And Directly To The Common Sense Of All Mankind Today, Professor Veatch Believes, The Time May Be Ripe For A Belated Recognition That Aristotle Is A Truly Live Option In Philosophy The Discussion Begins With The Physics For Aristotle, The Discipline Embracing All Aspects Of The Natural World And Examines Aristotle S Doctrine Of Categories And His Celebrated Four Causes Turning To The De Anima, Professor Veatch Casts Aside Many Errors Of Interpretation Which Have Come About Because Of Mistaken Readings Of The Term Soul And Gives An Intelligible Account Of Aristotle S Psychology, Seen Within The Context Of His System As A Whole Next, The Varieties Of Human Achievement Are Surveyed In Aristotelian Terms, With Introductory Discussions Of The Ethics, Politics, And The Poetics Turning To The Metaphysics, The Author Demonstrates That The Question Of The Unity Of Subject Matter In Aristotle S Metaphysics Does Not Warrant The Great Difficulty That Has Been Made Of It Finally Reversing To Good Effect The Traditional Order Aristotelian Logic Is Presented With Superb Clarity And Ease.

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    This is a great little book on Aristotle I think you would find this most useful if you already had some exposure to philosophy and already have grappled a bit with questions about realism, and what are things, objects, essences, etc and whether are they real or not and have been wondering if modern and postmodern thinking went wrong somewhere along the way Whether or not you agree with Aristotle or Veatch, it is good to put the material presented in this book alongside your study of modern philosophers I, for one, think that much of modern philosophy can be mad useful if it is some how mapped to or checked against Aristotle s philosophy Aristotle is the philosopher of common sense so it is always comforting if, after exploring the hall of mirrors of modern and postmodern philosophy to return to some sense that the way we see the world is pretty much the way it is I think that modern philosophy and the sciences have in some ways revealed some errors in Aristotle s philosophy, but in my view what they have done is shed light on specific subtleties rather than completely overthrown Aristotle s philosophy After all we have to start with common sense philosophy to even begin to do modern philosophy and science And in the end we still have to live out our day to day lives with the furniture of the universe that is at our scale The commentary here is mine, not a summary of Veatch s, but I would not be surprised is some readers come away...

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    Recommended by James Schall in Another Sort of Learning, Chapter 7, as one of several books to quietly read to stir thoughts of the highest things.Recommended by James Schall in Another Sort of Learnin...

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