China Jewel (River Sunday #6)

✼ China Jewel (River Sunday #6)  Epub ✿ Author Thomas Hollyday –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 228 pages
  • China Jewel (River Sunday #6)
  • Thomas Hollyday
  • English
  • 06 January 2018
  • 9780985475307

About the Author: Thomas Hollyday

Thomas Hollyday 1942 present was born in Easton, Maryland His father was an acclaimed photographer and his mother a brilliant teacher.His father s family were active in the history of Maryland since its settlement while his mother s family were prominent in Democratic Party politics His grandmother s family descended from a well known German industrial family of Balti He grew up in the so

China Jewel (River Sunday #6) Media Around The World Are Covering Daily An Inspiring And Beautiful Ocean Race As Modern Reproductions Of Nineteenth Century Tall Ships Once Again Sail The Ancient Tea Trade Route To China Yet, Beneath The Bright Sails Hide Evil And Treachery As The Competitors Sabotage And Even Murder Each Other To Win A Billion Dollar Prize An American Entry, The Peregrine, A Replica Of A Famous Clipper Once Constructed In The Small Chesapeake Harbor Of River Sunday, Maryland, Is Tarnished By Rumors Claims Are Made That The Original Peregrine Was Involved In Criminal Activities As Well As The Violent Theft Of A Famous Chinese Jewel And The Brutal Death Of A Young Girl Jim Cutter, Peregrine Race Director And His Friend Professor Katy Marbury Research The True Story Of The Ship S Past They Constantly Risk Their Lives As They Uncover A Tale Affecting The Future Of Modern China, All The Time Knowing They Are Targeted By An Unseen Enemy Then Far At Sea, The Peregrine Mysteriously Disappears Cutter Must Find And Rescue The Ship Against Impossible Odds Tough Former Soldier That He Is, He Must Still Conquer His Recurring Personal Demon His Only Son Is Aboard He Deserted His Son Once Before And He Fears He Will Fail Him Again China Jewel Is The Sixth Book Of The Acclaimed River Sunday Romance Mystery Series By Thomas Hollyday The Author S Unique Chesapeake Voice Once Again Gives Us An Exciting Read About The People, Their Beliefs And Legends, The Animals And The Grasping Mud And Black Water Wetlands Of This Mysterious American Region His Other Critically Acclaimed Novels Include Slave Graves, Magnolia Gods, Powerboat Racer, Gold, Terror Flower, And Easter Sunday Each Book, Introducing New Memorable Characters, Retains The Simple And Beautiful Lifestyle, History And Beauty Of The Eastern Shore Of The Chesapeake Bay Powerful Subjects Such As Freedom, Atomic War, Racism, Religion, Terror, Sailing, And Family Love, Are Approached Stories Are Insightful And Well Researched With Technical Expertise, Humor, And Fast Moving Action River Sunday Romance Mysteries Are Suitable For Teen And Older Readers They Have No Strong Language And Romantic Descriptions Are Clean And Suitable For Family Reading, Discussion And Enjoyment.

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    China Jewel by Thomas HollydayLove this book right from the start because it has me looking up world maps of the race destinations and other words I m not familiar with.Within the first few chapters I have found myself smiling, almost laughing out loud with tears in my eyes because of a phrase or cadence I had read.What a story, there s so much to it on many levels This book would please all readers no matter what it is they are looking for The mystic of PancakeRomance, flowers gardening, mystery, treasure, sailing, and travel.Loved all the locations described in the book With just the right amounts of romance and love in the book so as not to take away from the action and adventure it s a very well rounded book.I was surprised at many thing that happened during the journey with all the action and was craving from the occupants on the brig at the time of the sail Such a smooth read Hope author will make another book from their viewpoint.Easy to keep track of the characters and love how they are all linked together This author s name will be put on my read if you want a good story and you won t be disappointed list I have some reading to catch up on as the author has lots books available.I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.Merged review China Jewel by Thomas HollydayLove this book right from the start because it has me looking up world maps of the race destinations and other wor...

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    What dark clouds surround the hidden history of the Peregrine International tall ships race each other traveling the ancient tea trade route to China The prize to the winner is one billion dollars Many would do anything to win this prize including commit murder Competition runs high and Jim Cutter and his crew prepare the Peregrine to be entered in the race The Peregrine, the American entry resembles the famous 19th century clipper built in a small shipyard in Maryland But, rumor has it that there are some secrets about the past of this ship that might come back and haunt the present owner and bring dark clouds hanging over it when revealed Criminal activity and the theft of a famous Chinese Jewel plus a violent death of a young girl are part of the past history said to be attributed to this ship Jim Cutter is the race director in charge of this ship and intends to research its past with his friend Katy Marbury to learn the truth behind the rumors and the ship s past Like a person that is haunted by hidden secrets just what lies beneath the hull and sails of the Peregrine Searching for the ship s history will lead them on a treasure hunt that will take them back in time learning about the old ships route and dealing with the Chinese authorities Finding the ship to be linked to anything criminal would ...

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    Another excellent novel from a rising star of the literally world, the research and knowledge of the author shines through and uses his favourite place and characters from Chesapeake.The story revolves around a international tall ships race, following an ancient tea trade route, where the boats have to be replicas from the nineteenth century When the Americans start researching the history of their ship it takes them on a treasure hunt and they find it takes them on a journey into the old ships route and brings them into conflict with the Chinese authorities.The author style of writing draws and enthralls the reader and you feel as if you are there experiencing all the emotions of all the characters in the situations they face The tension and suspense that the writer builds up to a crescendo is superb and the adventures and scenarios that are described are first class The intense relatio...

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    I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book because it s about sailing boats and I don t really know a whole lot about them, but I decided to give it a shot, if nothing to change up the type of book I have been reading Once I got into the plot of this book, it became fascinating and then the mysteries started happening and it grabbed ahold of me I love a good mystery and trying to figure out which other competitor it was that was trying to bring down Bill Johnson and his team brought me back to my first love of books, Mystery Thrillers It s one thing after another with a little bit of romance on the side for the main character, Cutter His first wife left him and took their son while on assignment in Africa She returned home to South America and his son didn t see him again until he joined the sailing crew that was going to compete in the race across the ocean to China And then there is the mystery about the boat itself and where it s namesake came from and what happened to it in 18...

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    Book Readers ReviewChina Jewel is one of The River Sunday Romance Mystery series of books by Thomas Hollyday The theme of the story is about an ocean race of international tall ships navigating the ancient tea trade route to China The Peregrine, a replica of a famous Nineteenth Century clipper, is entered by Jim Cutter, the competition director Peregrine is commissioned to be built in the same small Maryland shipyard, as the prototype was many years ago But disturbing rumors surrounding the old Peregrine are uncovered, the death of a young girl and disappearance of a legendary Chinese jewel As the race proceeds the tall ships are in jeo...

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    GoodBut I would have liked of the sailing and less romance There also seemed to be happenstance that was too easily corrected to be real.

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    A great read with plenty of action, adventure and romance The China Jewel superbly captures the people and culture of Maryland s eastern shore and their boat building traditions.

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