9. The Great Organizer (Countdown to the End of the World #2)

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  • 9. The Great Organizer (Countdown to the End of the World #2)
  • Vincent Pet
  • 27 March 2017

About the Author: Vincent Pet

Oblivion The Day Everything Dies Series of 9 books

9. The Great Organizer (Countdown to the End of the World #2)An Alien Race Keeps Social Order In The Galaxy By Guiding New, Intelligent Life To The Stars Uric Is The Great Organizer And In His Illustrious Career He Has Never Failed A Mission However, He Soon Realizes That This Species Called Man Refuses To Unite As One Benevolent Race How Long Will His Patience Last Spanning From The Receding Glaciers Of Europe To The Dying Throes Of New York, The Great Organizer Uses His Extensive Knowledge To Influence History In His Attempt To Organize Humanity Into One Society

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    Liked this than the first one Or maybe I m just getting used to the author s style of writing I would also have included the effects of salinity on the list which lead Earth towards its downfall Its one of the factors that is not being given enough importance The story was the right length and the concept that it was based on, intriguing Had fun, will read the others too.

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    What an interesting theme is explored in this book The possibility of a race so much advanced in the universe that it is in charge of helping humanity become better The concept of gods isn t new to the writing world, yet in this book we find a refreshing way to tell it As a Christian, the idea of the evolution of the human race in a fantasy setting didn t offend me at all in fact I enjoyed it Uric is a Great Organizer and as such it is his job to help humanity on this planet to become united and serve one cause The council selects him to set the plan in motion, and he is looking forward to working with this promising species The council wants to make sure that humanity is intelligent enough to help progress When Uric spends many years trying to teach cave men to use a bow and arrow without success, they wonder if they are wrong However, humanity s fate is sealed after Uric shows the council that man s only desire is to conquer and kill other species Uric takes us through the different races that have been in existence since the beginning We get a nice history lesson by following the Spartans, Romans, Israel, England, America, and other civilizations The rise and fall of these races are viewed in an imaginative way This short Novella will be a great addition to any fantasy, Christian, or history lover s library Readers from young adult to adults will enjoy this tale It is a story mostly expressed through narrative with a few dialogues mixed in The way the author published it had a paragraph on each page All in all it is a good Novella.

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    When I first started this I thought all the stories were continuing what else is a series, after all That doesn t appear to be the case In this second story 9 Uric is a great organizer His job is to help the advancement and evolution of people on other planets until they can attain space flight In this novella he s working on Earth.He keeps running into problems because of the aggression of humans Time after time he helps a civilization until it implodes with violence The council who hired him is running out of patience.Another well written story A nice touch in the 13 14th century According to the author, the theme of all these novellas is the end of the world Other than that there doesn t yet seem to be anything to tie the stories together Maybe there will be at the end.

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    3 1 2 starsPart Sci Fi, part a quick look at the history of the world, and part a look at the nature of humans, this novella follows a nearly omnipotent alien whose job it is to encourage the human race toward intelligence There is a problem, though Along with the growth of intelligence is a strong propensity toward violence This well written novel gets quickly to its premise and follows it to its ultimate resolution This would be a satisfactory read, I believe, for anyone looking for a quick I read this in about 2 hours and succinctly written story.

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