The Will of the People

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  • Hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • The Will of the People
  • Albert Weale
  • 12 August 2019
  • 9781509533268

About the Author: Albert Weale

Albert Weale is Emeritus Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy in the Department of Political Science, University College London His research has concentrated on issues of political theory and public policy, especially environmental policy and political legitimacy.

The Will of the People Democracies Today Are In The Grip Of A Myth The Myth Of The Will Of The People Populist Movements Use The Idea To Challenge Elected Representatives Politicians, Content To Invoke The Will Of The People, Fail In Their Duty To Make Responsible And Accountable Decisions And Public Contest Over Political Choices Is Stifled By Fears That Opposing The Will Of The People Will Be Perceived As Elitist In This Book Albert Weale Dissects The Idea Of The Will Of The People, Showing That It Relies On A Mythical View Of Participatory Democracy As Soon As A Choice Between Than Two Simple Alternatives Is Involved, There Is Often No Clear Answer To The Question Of What A Majority Favours Moreover, Because Governments Have To Interpret The Results Of Referendums, The Will Of The People Becomes A Means For Strengthening Executive Control The Exact Opposite Of What Appealing To The People S Will Seemed To Imply Weale Argues That It S Time To Dispense With The Myth Of The Will Of The People A Flourishing Democracy Requires An Open Society In Which Choices Can Be Challenged, Parliaments Strengthened And Populist Leaders Called To Account.

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    Weale offers some very brief basic common sense about democracy there is a Commonweale joke in here somewhere, but I am too lazy to develop it The main take away is that there is no such thing as the will of the people This is elaborated with the exlanation of the following democracy pol sci basics 1 There is not a singular people 2 There is not a singular majority that rules3 People aren t straightforwardly sovereign like an absolutist monarch would be 3a People cannot rule themselves , not even through referenda4 Being in a minority does not mean one is wrong, nor that one should shut up5 Populists pretend the above aren t true and foster the dangerous and misleading myth of the will of the people for their own political benefit.That s it There isn t much beyond the cursory explanation of these basics If you didn t know these things, your civics classes have failed you miserably and you might benefit from Weale s book.But once he is done demolishing the myth, Weale does not offer much of an antidote, a realistic account of what democracy is or could be That s a pity, for dispelling a myth probably won t be as effective , if you don t also provide a comprehensive and palatable picture of an alternative.Recommen...

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