And Then You Were Gone

[Epub] ↠ And Then You Were Gone  Author R.J. Jacobs –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • And Then You Were Gone
  • R.J. Jacobs
  • English
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9781443457736

About the Author: R.J. Jacobs

Writer and Psychologist Living in Nashville.

And Then You Were Gone A Chilling, Twisting Thriller For Readers Of In A Dark, Dark WoodEmily Manages Her Bipolar Disorder Well Enough To Work As A Moderately Successful Child Psychologist, And Is Building A Serious Relationship With Her Boyfriend Paolo.When He Wants To Take Her On An Overnight Sailing Trip, Emily Knows Her Medication, Generous Amounts Of Wine, And Her Attraction To Paolo Will Help Her Deal With Her Aversion To The Water And Forget The Fact That She Can T Swim.But After A Romantic Night, Emily Wakes Up On The Sailboat, Completely Alone, Drifting Through The Waves.Her World Is Tuned Upside Down As She Becomes A Person Of Interest While Grieving Paolo, Never Getting Answers Or Closure To What Happened To Him He Was A Strong Swimmer, And She Cannot Believe He Simply Drowned With Her Personal And Professional Life In Shambles, Emily Attempts To Find Out The Truth And Clear Her Name, Discovering A Deeper And Dangerous Plot Than She Ever Suspected Fueled By Her Own Mania, Emily Questions Her Own Judgment Every Step Of The Way.

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    A fast paced thriller that will have your head spinning as you try to figure out what happened to Paolo And Then You Were Gone is a unique thriller that features a leading character who has been successfully managing her bipolar disorder for years a fact that is called into question when her boyfriend disappears This was truly an unputdownable one for me Fantastic writing, engaging mystery, and a relatable lead character all make this a standout debut novel.Emily and her boyfriend Paolo are out on a boat together when Emily wakes up to discover Paolo is gone Emily is adrift on the boat, afraid, and alone And there is no clear sign on foul play Though Emily is afraid of the water, Paolo certainly is not He s a strong swimmer and the chances he drowned are slim.I m always fascinated by missing person mysteries than any other type, because there are such a huge range of outcomes Are they alive Ran away Kidnapped Hiding Lost The puzzle keeps me guessing The set up for this really engaged me I couldn t figure out what I thought happened, because there just weren t a lot of clues In the weeks after his disappearance, Emily spirals As everyone moves on and mourns his almost certain death, Emily can t accept it If he died, why can t they find a body There is the added layer of Emily s mental health that was executed so well I ve actually had the opportunity to chat a bit with the author, and I know he is a psychologist It really shows in this book he describes Emily s bip...

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    WOW what a story What a plot What amazing writing To say I loved this book is understatement When I read the premise something about micro technology and greed run amuck, my interest was peaked What I got was a book full of surprises, full of emotional roller coasters and suspense and twists and turns and a very flawed protagonist that I adored Emily Firestone has worked for years to get her life on track and keep her life on track as she lives with bi polar disorder She is medicated, a child psychologist and has met a wonderful man who is a medical researcher actually working on a vaccine for the disease that killed her father Everything appears to finally be flowing in the right direction for Emily When her boyfriend asks her to go sailing with him, although terrified of water and unable to swim, Emily decides to conquer her fears and give it a go The day goes beautifully and they cap off the evening with wine beautiful, right The next morning Paulo is gone without a trace and no explanation for his disappearance All suspicions point to Emily and, of course, being bi polar does...

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    Emily is on a boat trip with her boyfriend Paolo, after a night drinking she wakes up in the morning to find him gone The police think that he fell overboard but Emily can t remember anything Emily has bipolar disorder ...

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    While on a sailing trip, Emily wakes to find her boyfriend Paolo is missing Since Paolo is a strong swimmer, Emily finds it hard to believe he could have drowned As days pass, Paolo s disappearance starts to lean toward murder with Emily as a suspect Emily struggles with managing her bipolar disorder, which she though was under control, while she searches for answers to what happened to Paolo.Emily makes for an interesting unreliable narrator She has been managing her bipolar disorder well, but when Paolo goes missing and she becomes a suspect, she no longer has control In addition to that, her memory of the night Paolo went missing is very hazy The fun thing about unreliable narrators is the reader never knows if they can be trusted.When Emily looks into Paolo s disappearance, she learns about his work Paolo wo...

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    Fantastic A 5 read for me This was a superb thriller I didn t guess the killer and definitely not the conclusion Our main character had bipolar disorder and her personality was described so well I find it extremely difficult for most writers to convey the full extent of thoughts that aren t normal Even better, she was able to recognize when her thoughts were lead...

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    Exiting and Thrilling debut with plenty of Suspence to go around Emily Eighteen months before the lake, I met Cal the same night I met Paolo, at a fund raiser for medical research I d dragged Allie along as my date Remind me why we re going to a fund raiser she asked as I sped toward the frozen in time University Club, with its imposing curtains and sturdy silverware.There was enough incredulity in Allie s voice that I smiled to not feel offended It s for H1 N24 research It s been almost twenty years since The air between us changed as she understood The mention of a deceased parent does that Allie s eyes conveyed warmth, even pity, as her lips pressed together It s not going to be bad, I said, knowing this only because I d asked specifically about the content of the presentations before RSVPing yes No way was I making either of us sit through a slideshow about the disease itself the symptoms, or various forms of partially effective treatments I knew plenty about H1 N24 already First signs showing within three days of infection mild fever, headache, muscle pains, followed by vomiting Later, bleeding from the mouth, nose, and gums Low blo...

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    Wow this was a tough book to put down I just wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen next I could not see how it was going to end at all and I love that in a book The main character was far from perfect and the story had me hooked from the very start Emily Firestone her life is finally starting to come good After years of living with bipolar she has finally learned how to live with it She has a great job and a fantastic new boyfriend Paolo, who adores her When Paolo suggests a Sailing weekend away she jumps at the chance They spend the evening drinking far too much and when Emily wakes in the morning Paolo is missing without a trace The police believe that he has drowned, but she knows that he is a strong swimmer and refuses to believe it Before long she becomes a person of interest in the case no she needs to stay well enough to prove her innocence.A fantastic read and an author to keep an eye out for in t...

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    This book took a little while to warm up, but was most intriguing once it did I think the most gripping thing was the fact the main character and narrator of the story is bipolar and doubts her own take on reality and the way her mind is processing information.Emily is a psychologist battling her own demons who is asked on a boating holiday by her boyfriend Paolo, she reluctantly agrees even though unable to swim and being petrified of water A sequence of events then takes place that has everyone including Emily doubting her sanity As her fear grows so does her mania as she forgets her medication and sets about trying to find out wha...

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    A different book to review An unlikable, unreliable main character made my job so difficult Did I like her or did I hate her Or did I love to hate her These questions swirled in my mind as I read the book.The story started simply with Emily and Paolo taking a day off to spend the night on a rented boat in the middle of the lake and Paolo disappeared Emily sailed the boat to the pier, contacted the cops, and Paolo was presumed to be dead due to drowning with a tinge of suspicion on Emily The story rolled on with a doubting co worker, weird co worker, burnt corpses, drowned corpse, all the while the cops marking Emily for murder.Writing all this made me feel that everything was so exaggerated in this book, without any real evidence Author R J Jacobs added uncertainty to the mix when he made the main character Emily suffer from a bipolar disorder grade II wherein she remained in the hypo maniac state Oh how was I supposed to believe her or depend on her to lead me to the truth The entire book was written from Emily s POV, and I could see her brain neurons zipping and zapping as she flitted from one thought to the other The story worked in a fast pace with Emily trying to find her peace of mind With such an atmosphere, I cast my doubts on everyone in the book including Emily And yes, I could guess the endingThen came my...

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    4 you fooled me stars to this debut book from R.J JacobsA thrill ride, this time with a bipolar psychologist in a fight for her life to unravel clues before she s the next to disappear Set in Nashville, things seem to be great for Emily a loving boyfriend and a good job, her bipolar mania managed Somehow, a magical date with her boyfriend goes all wrong and Emily wakes up with Paolo missing She becomes a suspect in his case and other mysterious things start happening with the virus research at the lab where Paolo works Emily teams up with an old friend of Paolo s, Cal, to try to get to the bottom of the situation, but her mania starts to creep in again I enjoyed her interactions with Cal, he seemed to be a steady influence for her.I found this an interesting glimpse into the life of mental illness and a fun guessing game for the ultimate bad guys in the book I...

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