31-Day Food Revolution

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  • Hardcover
  • 544 pages
  • 31-Day Food Revolution
  • Ocean Robbins
  • 04 January 2019
  • 9781538714720

About the Author: Ocean Robbins

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 31-Day Food Revolution book, this is one of the most wanted Ocean Robbins author readers around the world.

31-Day Food Revolution 31 DAY FOOD REVOLUTION Is Your Guide To Liberation From A Toxic Food World Author Ocean Robbins Reveals The Secrets The Industrialized Food Industry Doesn T Want You To Know, How Specific Ingredients And Methods Could Be Making You Sick And What To Do About It And He Shows You How In Just 31 Days You Can Use The Amazing Power Of Delicious Food To Heal Your Gut, Lose Excess Weight, And Lower Your Risk For Disease, All While Contributing To A Healthier Planet.Ocean S Plan Includes 31 Simple And Affordable Step By Step Actions That Give You A Road Map To Healthy, Ethical, And Sustainable Food He Breaks It Down Into Four Parts Detoxify Get Rid Of The Unhealthy Foods And Environmental Factors Making You Sick.Nourish Fuel Your Body With The Healthy Micronutrients You Need To Thrive.Gather Build Your Community And Surround Yourself With Supportive, Positive People.Transform YOU Can Be Part Of The Solution It S A Lot Easier To Change The World Than You Imagine You Ll Discover Amazing Secrets, Such As How To Stop Food Cravings, Why Nuts Are One Of The Best Snack Foods, Time Saving Habits, And How To Catch Dangerous Ingredients Hiding In Food Labels In His Nonjudgmental And Down To Earth Way, Ocean Robbins Meets You Wherever You Are On Your Personal Journey With Food Then, He Provides You With Tools That Make It Easy To Eat Less Sugar, Processed Foods, And Unhealthy Animal Products And To Happily Enjoy Whole Plant Foods, And Fair Trade, Local, Organic, And Otherwise Consciously Sourced Fare Ocean Helps You Make Small Improvements That Lead To Big Results If You Want To Feel Better, Enjoy Your Food , And Help Sustain The Planet, Start Reading This Book Today In Just 31 Days You Can Change Your Health For The Better And Your Body Will Thank You For The Rest Of Your Life.

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    My husband has already been eating this way for several years now and it s played a huge part in keeping him healthy despite the fact that he has the autoimmune disease CIDP He went from liters of soda a day for the caffeine to help him through his high stress job , few fruits and vegetables and lots of processed foods to eating a Whole Food Plant Based diet Instead of now being in a wheelchair, as his doctors predicted, his disease has barely progressed and we think his intensely nutritious way of eating and drinking he has a 72 ounce smoothie a day, full nutritious ingredients has kept him so healthy It s me who needs to find tune an understatement my way of eating Emotionally I m attracted to the processed foods of my youth but that is something I can work on and am working on Even though I was very familiar with the advice in this book, it has helped me to read the step by step chapters towards eating in a healthier way The only thing I would like from a book like this is for the recipes to be Marilyn friendly but that s a tall order I m still having a hard time taking the steps toward...

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    As a practicing vegan, it s hard for me to recommend this book to others either seeking out a fad diet or to follow a vegan diet because of a lack of protein The protein in the meal plan is severely lacking imo While the author addressed the protein issue, it is still lower than recommended for most Americans, and the author does ...

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    It s the style of this book that makes it such an intimate, fun read It s like talking to a friend who also has his vices namely potato chips Yet his strengths are so great that they inspire yours And the recipes look great I ve read at least seven books on plant based eating and yet, I m still learning new things, especially from this book.For instance, we plant based eaters are always asked Where do you get your protein Besides detailing the major sources, Ocean Robbins details a study that showed that those who ate a high protein diet between the ages of 50 and 65 were four times likely to die of cancer than those on a low protein diet.I also learned that Americans are dying from diet fueled disease each year than died in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the war in Afghanistan and both Iraq wars combined Participants in a study who ate greens regularly halted their mental decline by an average of 11 years Phytoestrogens in soy are relatively weak, and have actually been found to block harmful estrogenic effects To secure mi...

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    I liked the author s personal story in this, so for that, I ll round up because this wasn t quite 3 stars for me I didn t find anything new here I m already vegan The whole idea of eating this way and healing the body isn t new to me The most inspiring part though was how the author is so passionate and dedicated to this way of life When his dad opte...

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    I absolutely loved Ocean Robbin s book 31 Day Food Revolution If anyone could inspire someone to revamp her lifestyle for the better, Robbins can do it, His book is a true labor of love and shows his dedication and passion for sharing his wisdom about true, lasting health with others Robbins has a vast amount of knowledge from growin...

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    The 31 Day Food Revolution consists of four stages Detoxify, Nourish, Gather and Transform In Detoxify, you learn to stop eating the foods that are bad for you such as processed foods with are high in sugar Since my diet consists mainly of carbs, this section was important for me to see that the foods that I am currently eating are not providing my body with healthy nutrients, just satisfying my cravings.In Nourish, you learn to replace the foods you have been eating with healthy choices of real wholesome foods This is difficult for me and I discovered that my diet is very lacking in nutrients when quizzed.The Gather section discusses the fact that if we don t surround ourselves with people who believe in healthy foods and living that it is difficult to maintain our excitement.The Transform sect...

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    Overall I do like the idea of this book A change in eating and habits instead of dieting Changing a mindset is always better than fad diets I liked the recipes But honestly, the book was rather dry for m...

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    The recipes at the end are the best part of the book If you re already a healthy eater, there s not a lot of new news in the book But if you re just getting started on a healthy journey this book is an excellent resource.

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    I skimmed half of this book I didn t learn anything new.

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    Love the information in this book, but it isn t really a 31 Day plan It s of a set of guidelines that could be done in a few days or a few months or hopefully implemented for the rest of your life.My notes P 20 If you want to boost your protein levels, consider hemp seeds, flax seeds, or chia seeds.The Clean Label Project tested 134 of the most popular protein powders sold and found that 55% tested positive for BPA and at least one heavy metal cleanlabelproject.orgP 21 Valter Longo of the Longevity Institute at the USC tracked 6,381 adults over the age of 50 for close to 20 years The study showed that participants who consumed a high protein diet 20% or of their calories from protein were 4x likely to die of cancer than those who consumed a low protein diet The increased cancer risk was equal to smoking 20 cigarettes a day.P 34 2013, Institute for health metrics and evaluation at University of Washington 678,282 Deaths in United States Annually Caused by an unhealthy diet.More Americans die from diet and disease, Then died in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War,The war in Afghanistan, and both Iraqi wars combined.P 55 Almost one third of Americans are on a diet.Dear than 1% of diets result in successful or sustained weight loss.P 62 When you start to change your diet,Your body will also go through changes.You can be normal to go throughSymptoms of withdrawalAnd have flulike symptoms.P 65 BPA is a known h...

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