Warped Galaxies

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  • Audio CD
  • Warped Galaxies
  • Cavan Scott
  • 05 May 2018
  • 9781784969226

About the Author: Cavan Scott

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Warped Galaxies book, this is one of the most wanted Cavan Scott author readers around the world.

Warped Galaxies Audio Book Edition Of Warped Galaxies Attack Of The Necron Read By David Tennant David Tennant Is Renowned For His Theatre And Screen Work, And His Voiceover Talents Can Be Heard In Dozens Of Television Shows, Audiobooks And Audio Dramas He S Probably Best Known As The Tenth Incarnation Of Television S Doctor Who.On The Hive World Of Targian, Zelia Lor Helps Her Mother Search For Ancient Tech, Digging Up Treasures Of The Past On The Wind Blown Plains They Are Happy They Are Safe All That Changes When The Necrons Attack Without Warning, A Host Of Robotic Ships Appear In The Skies Above Targian And Rip The Planet Apart Separated From Her Mother, Zelia Must Escape The Doomed World, Her Only Hope A Scrambled Transmission Promising Safety At A Mysterious Place Known Only As The Emperor S Seat Launched In An Escape Pod, She Crashes On An Icy Wasteland Far, Far From Home But Zelia Is Not Alone She Is Joined By A Rag Tag Group Of Survivors The Street Tough Juve Talen, Gadget Obsessed Martian Boy Mekki And Super Intelligent Alien Ape, Fleapit.

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    40k fanboys have been horrible about BL books for children existing They can stuff it The world of Warped Galaxies is still grimdark, with its hive cities and high body count A version for kids just doesn t go into the gore, although it does retain the danger I felt this was compelling than i...

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    It s easy to forget that Warhammer 40,000 tends to have a fairly young audience along with its older one As many voices within the fandom these days range from thirty to seventy year old hobbyists, the seven to thirteen demographic that Games Workshop tries to keep itself open can be easily overlooked In that sense, it s almost a surprise to think that we have not seen something like Warhammer Adventures sooner.The very idea of these stories and their possible direction was discussed some time ago here, which largely weighed concerns against possible execution The short version was simple A PG rating on any work will not declaw it of all dark elements, and creative writers can work with that Thankfully, it s a lesson which seems to have remained true here.Following a chance to listen to this story in full, it looks like things are off to a good start for the Warped Galaxies series.The SynopsisDuring an era of turmoil within the Imperium, one of its stable Hive Worlds has found itself under siege from a Necron Dynasty Attacking without warning or seemingly any reason, the Imperium s armies are quickly forced into a desperate battle, with both the Imperial Guard and Ultramarines quickly forced into...

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    By way of outreach and getting the next generation interested aka hooked on plastic crack , Games Workshop are expanding their fiction offering to include a range targeted at kids aged up to 10 Not a bad plan at all that was about the age I first started reading White Dwarf, first started falling for the ludicrous gothic baroque of it all, this setting which had seen every other horrifying future and said That s not a knife Well, OK, maybe it is a knife, but this, mate, is a daemon chainsword And my generation didn t even live in as much of a dystopian SF hellscape Plus, books for kids have had a real renaissance lately not that we didn t have some wonderful stuff, but Cat Valente s Fairyland books are for 10 year olds too, aren t they And that lushness, that understanding of tyranny and monstrosity, would be ideal for 40K Even granted that this is not by her, but one of the usual work for hire suspects, it could be good So when I saw this on Netgalley, I thought I might as well give it a go, despite ...

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    FTC DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED AN E ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER THROUGH NET GALLEY I VOLUNTARILY OFFER MY HONEST REVIEW OF THE BOOK, THOUGH IT IS NOT EXPECTED OF ME RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW I was intrigued by the idea of a Warhammer book for young adults, so when I saw this on offer on NetGalley, I knew I had to read it for review in order to see if it was something I could possibly interest my son in I found this book to be a sound introduction to the Warhammer 40,000 universe By using young adults as the focus for the characterization in the story, it gave readers a sense of a kindred spirit that they could easily connect with, showing them the universe without all of its adult appropriate detail The story was a good adventure, showcasing a female lead that could be used as someone for girls to look up to and aspire to emulate However, the book used a lot of jargon and concepts that were unique to Warhammer 40K that may intimidate readers not familiar with the universe, even with the included Glossary of Terms at the end of the story Another issue I had was that I thought that the book might be mislabeled Parents of sensitive readers should be cautious, as this does showcase a lot of wanton destruc...

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    Well, this was perfectly lovely for what it is I read the first half of the book and listened to the second half in audio format David Tennant s wonderful Scottish accent somehow made it even better It is obviously a tale for children so it lacks the brutality of any adult piece of Black Library literature, as it should On the other hand, it does not turn the grim darkness of far future into a shiny fairytale Our heroes face the enemies, struggle on their way to salvation and experience loss, while staying courageous and cunning, potentially turning into very good role models for the young reader The story is well built, characters are memorable and different, which means most readers will find someone to relate to My personal favorite is Mekki I am looking forward to reading the next installment of 40k Adventures and it s fantasy counterpart This is how you do things right when you re trying to cater to a younger audience you make a new good...

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    Attack of the Necron is a fun YA adventure set in th Warhammer 40,000 universe The story feels like a grimdark story lots of people are wiped out when a planet is attacked by Necrons The characters are entertaining and have to learn to overcome their differences to succeed in their quest...

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    Fun story Definitely written for about middle school kids, so my son liked it alot too and is eagerly anticipating the next volume Nice to have a girl main character in a book that mostly boys will read They need to see that.

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    This is a fantastic introductory book for children who have an interest in the Warhammer 40,000 universe Instead of dealing with Space Marines, as many of the Black Library titles do, our main protagonists are 3 teenagers who find themselves trying t...

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    Attack of the Necron is a planet hopping tale of action, danger and bravery in the face of an ancient alien menace Zelia Lor and her mother, along with Lexmechanic Erasmus and young Martian tech savant Mekki, travel the galaxy excavating ancient technology and unearthing pre Imperial history When their latest expedition is curtailed by a devastating alien invasion, Zelia finds herself torn from her familiar life and thrown into a perilous journey through the void of space with the relentless Necron threat looming ever present.Yes, it s a children s book set in the 40k universe, which is about as grim and unpleasant a setting as you can imagine, but it s handled well, maintaining a sense of 40k s overall tone and aesthetic whilst focusing on elements which will appeal to younger readers.It s brilliantly pacy and ful...

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    Life in the 41st Millennium is hard Ruled by the Emperor of Mankind from his Golden Throne on Terra, humans have spread across the galaxy, inhabiting millions of planets They have achieved so much, from space travel to robotics, and yet billions live in fear The universe seems a dangerous place, teeming with alien horrors and dark powers But it is also a place bristling with adventure and wonder, where battles are won and heroes are forged I m a father of a 4.5 year old and I would love for her to take up some of my hobbies With this in mind, I bought Attack of the Necron and read it in order to decide if this flavor of Warhammer 40k was appropriate for a very young child I had to read it myself because the overwhelming majority of online reviews of the book were written by entitled man babies, who don t have children and who hadn t actually read the book themselves before preemptively slamming Games Workshop for daring to expand the traditional audience of Warhammer 40k More on this in a moment.Attack of the Necron is the first in a series of young adventure stories centered on a group of child refugees traveling the galaxy after the destruction of their home planet The book was a l...

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