Realm Quest

[PDF / Epub] ✪ Realm Quest  ☆ Tom Huddleston –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Realm Quest
  • Tom Huddleston
  • 10 February 2019
  • 9781784967826

About the Author: Tom Huddleston

I m Tom Huddleston, author of adventure stories like FLOODWORLD and THE WAKING WORLD, plus several episodes in the WARHAMMER ADVENTURES and STAR WARS ADVENTURES IN WILD SPACE series I also write about film and TV for publications including Time Out, Sight Sound and The Guardian, and I sing in a noisy folk rock band called The No Sorrows.I was born in Kendal and raised in North Yorkshire, t

Realm Quest Epic Heroes, Mighty Armies And Terrifying Monsters Clash Against The Backdrop Of Magical Landscapes.Raised As A Slave In The Darkoath Camps Of Aqshy, Kiri Dreams Of A Better Life Of A City Of Wonders, The Place Of Her Birth Lifestone She Despairs Of Ever Reaching It Until A Fateful Day Arrives When Her Barbarian Captors Are Attacked By Sigmar S Noblest Warriors, The Stormcast Eternals Seizing Her Chance, Kiri Flees Through A Mysterious Realmgate That Takes Her Far From The Fiery Lands Of Aqshy She Arrives In The Realm Of Ghyran And Finds The City Of Lifestone But A Curse Lies On This Place, Withering Its Noble Spirit Her Path Leads Her To A Special Group Of Children Who, Like Her, Are Realm Marked The Prophecised Saviours Of Lifestone There S Thanis, The Fighter Alish, The Inventor Kaspar The Sneak And Elio, The Healer But Dark Forces Are Allying Against The Children And Will Do Anything To Stop Them Achieving Their Destiny.

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    I work at a library and received this book as an ARC My husband is an avid Warhammer player, so I let him read this This is his review I might pick it up to read it, but I don t have the attachment to the game like he does And honestly, I probably wouldn t get most of the references When Games Workshop announced they would be doing a couple of children s book series based on their popular Warhammer franchises, I was fairly skeptical Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 are both game universes with extremely loyal and fanatic fans, and lore that spans decades of constant additions and development Though the material in them seem goofy at certain angles, they still manage to live up to the most common descriptor of grim dark The lead tagline for one of them is, In the grim darkness of the forty first millennium, there is only war So it was no surprise that there were mixed reactions from fans at the idea of these getting reinterpreted for a younger audience when violence, war, death, and many other adult themes are the norm in them There were also questions on whether or not it is necessary, as many fans believe children should not be shielded from harsh themes of these fictional settings I remember being enad by all the intricacies of Warhammer 40,000 at a very young age myself, grim dar...

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    I thought I would give this book a try because what could a children s book set in the bloody grimdark Warhammer universe possibly be like It ends up it s pretty much like every other children s fantasy novel It s not necessarily a bad book by any means, it just doesn t feel like Warhammer and I m not sure it ever could The only thing Warhammer are some of the creatures and the mention of the different Warhammer Realms, Realmgates, etc but those could have been easily substituted with anything else and the story still would have worked The book certainly feels like the first in a trilogy which it is , introducing the world, setting up the cast of characters and introducing a vague conflict that certainly will be thwarted in later volu...

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    I ve had this book in my bag for awhile, finally finished it 3 1 2 stars.It was a fun read but felt a little dry This might be exciting for kids though Pretty sure my niece and nephew would love it.

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    The difficulty in judging both Warhammer Adventures series is that they are opposites to one another Realm Quest truly is the yang to Warped Galaxies ying, and it embraces a few very different tropes and storytelling elements to craft its world None of this is to say it is inherently bad If anything, the differing direction helps it to better establish itself as a sperate story worth reading on its own However, some of this will depend heavily upon a reader s preferences, and how it impacts an introduction into this new world.Each series has a clear target audience, each has been written with a clear understanding of the setting and it is set to establish the tone, style and dynamic within the series It s simply that whereas one focuses upon an episodic format, Realm Quest is following a series based storyline As such, this review is going to comment as much on the positives and negatives of this as it is the story and direction itself.The SynopsisSet in the modern timeline, City of Lifestone follows the story of Kiri, a slave to the Darkoath Barbarians With the Mortal Realms now in...

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    Three and a half, because this is the first installment of what would be a much longer book I ve read some of the normal Age of Sigmar, and I wish I d had this to read first because it explains the world very easily I enjoyed reading it, but again, the story isn t complete.

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    After escaping from a life of slavery, 14 year old Kiri sets off alone in search of the city of her birth Lifestone where she hopes to find a new start Things don t quite work out how she hoped, and she s soon being hunted by skaven and begrudgingly caught up with a strange group of children and their mentor, who tells her of a mysterious purpose for which she s been chosen.We re introduced straight away to concepts like Sigmar and the different Realms, and as the story progresses it gradually builds up a picture or at least the beginning of one of the Age of Sigmar setting It s told in a way that suits a younger reader, so monsters can be fought and obstacles overcome, and while some elements are a little simplified it s still recognisably the Mortal Realms It s good to see some tough, capable female characters in the shape of Kiri and a couple of the other children The ...

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    I really enjoyed this, even though I know very little about Warhammer It was nicely paced and had some great characters and the story looks interesting My only complaint was that it would have benefitted from another 50 pages or so It felt abruptly short, I understand that it s a children s boo...

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    This is a kids book and as such I had limited expectations The horrors of war not war not really detailed too much but a quick fun read nonetheless Didn t know much about sigmar before this so that was cool.

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    This was a gentle introduction to the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting for younger readers Young sympathetic characters meet under adverse circumstances and are poised to find their mentor figure in the next novel battling the rat men known as Skaven It s a good start.

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    My son and i first introduction to Warhammer Fascinating Bit hard for my 9 year old to read but he got through and wanted the next in the series Simple story but I liked it Great to discuss with my son.

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