Twisted Scripture

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  • Paperback
  • 370 pages
  • Twisted Scripture
  • Andrew Farley
  • 21 December 2018
  • 9781621578116

About the Author: Andrew Farley

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Twisted Scripture book, this is one of the most wanted Andrew Farley author readers around the world.

Twisted Scripture In Twisted Scripture, Andrew Unravels Popular Misconceptions We Have About God And Showcases The Surprising Truth That Sets Us Free Read This Book To Discover The Clarity And Beauty Of The Gospel Just As God Intended Bart Millard, Singer Songwriter For MercyMeConfront The Lies That Hold You Back Discover The Truth That Sets You Free Let S Face It The Bible Contains Passages That Are Challenging To Interpret And Can Even Incite Fear Sure, We Want To Believe That God S Grace Applies To Our Unique Troubles Addiction, Divorce, Habitual Sins, Or A Feeling Of Distance From God Because We Don T Seem To Measure Up Still, Perplexing Bible Passages Eat At Us Bestselling Author And National Radio Host Dr Andrew Farley Is Known To Challenge Legalistic And Lifeless Interpretations With His Discerning Take On Controversial Scriptures In Twisted Scripture , Andrew Skewers Sacred Cows And Shatters Destructive Lies, Bringing The Undiluted Truth About God S Love And Grace In A Colorful And Conversational Look At The Most Controversial Passages In The New Testament This Book Offers Than Just Encouragement And Freedom It May Change Everything About The Way You See Yourself And God.

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    Andrew Farley s Twisted Scripture is a 349 page undertaking in which he sets out to address 45 lies he believes Christians have been told The broader categories include addressing misconceptions within topics such as Salvation, Eternal Security, the Old and the New Testament and the proper place for the Law of Moses, Identity in Christ, United with Jesus, Once for All Forgiveness, Judgment, Punishment, and Rewards, Church Discipline, Tongues, and Health Wealth.This book is an absolute must have for every serious student of the Bible He s spot on with so many of these topics and it truly is alarming to think of how much of the Body of Christ lives in ignorance concerning the issues he discussed His work is very thorough and this is an easy to read, easy to understand literary work I would suggest reading it in bite sized portions and taking time to reflect on each topic, as well as to examine any errant beliefs you may be holding onto This is an excellent resource to have on hand for those inevitable questions for anyone involved in ministering the Gospel I think my favorite topic he addressed wa...

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    If you read only one faith based book this year let this be the one Farley tackles notions commonly embraced by Christians and shows you, by way of scripture, how things have been twisted by tradition and well meaning, but bad, theology This is a refreshing and rejuvenating read and isn t a m...

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    Andrew Farley will always be my favorite pastor I really love how he breaks down complicated scriptures to show you that God is a lot nicer than you think I have shared my testimony on here several of times but it bears repeating I grew up in a very religious household where everything were rules and commandments that I had to follow Shun the appearance of evil, do not listen to secular music, do not drink alcohol, do not dance, etc Many of the things I found tolerable, I could no longer do in fear of the wrath of God that was going to pour out of me However I have seen abandoned a lot of religious thinking and became spiritual than religious Trust me knowing the difference will set you free in your own walk with God.Farley plainly states that it is Christ finished work on the cross that matters It is not your performance, your willingness to please God, your ways, but it is ALL Jesus Now some may say that calls for laziness but that calls for a celebration Jesus is the one empowering me to do things, He is pleased me because I am His I am chosen, forgiven, wanted, child of the King, His forever, held treasured I am loved Pardon m...

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    A Beautiful Unpacking of Scripture That Sets You FreeAndrew keeps Jesus the New Covenant central as he tackles the hot potatoes in scripture that can leave God s children condemned confused through a poor handling of scripture Andrew makes it clear that the Law of Moses is holy, perfect unattainable, that ac...

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    Really enjoyed reading this book Helped clear up some questions and confirmed answers to other questions I already had Makes clear that grace, love for God and for others is the way to live rather than trying to follow commands and rules that are no longer in effect Very encouraging.

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