Why Do Onions Make Me Cry?

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Why Do Onions Make Me Cry?
  • Jay Ingram
  • English
  • 04 February 2018
  • 9781982110833

About the Author: Jay Ingram

Jay Ingram CM born March 20, 1945 is a Canadian author and broadcaster He was host of the television show Daily Planet originally titled discovery.ca , which airs on Discovery Channel Canada, since the channel s inception in 1995 Ingram s last episode of Daily Planet aired on June 5, 2011 Ingram announced his retirement but stated he will make guest appearances on Daily Planet He was succe

Why Do Onions Make Me Cry? Discovery Channel Host And Acclaimed Writer Jay Ingram Helps You Find The Answers To Questions You Ve Never Really Settled, Like What Is D J Vu Why Do We Blink , Why Are Yawns Contagious And The Perennial Do We Really Use Only 10% Of Our Brains Note That This Book Is A Combined And Abridged Edition Of The Science Of Why And The Science Of Why2.Have You Ever Wondered If People Really Do Weird Things During The Full Moon How About Whether Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails And Do We Really Dream In Color Jay Ingram Is Here To Put These And Many Other Long Lived Scientific Uncertainties To Rest In This Whimsically Illustrated Guide To The Science Of Everyday Life.Combining The Wit Of What Ifby Randall Munroe And The Accessible Science Smarts Of ASAP Science, This New Collection Features Answers To Common Queries With Part Sections That Address The Supernatural, The Human Body, The Animal Kingdom, The Natural World, And It Includes Fun Facts, Myth Busters And Line Drawings, All With The End Goal Of Delighting And Surprising Your Inner Science Geek.Whether These Questions Have Been On Your Mind Constantly, Or Occasionally Resurface Like The Myth Of Loch Ness Is It Real , Whether They Re Silly Why Does My Pee Smell Like Asparagus Or Serious Why Does Time Speed Up As I Age Or Just Plain Frustrating Why Do Mosquitoes Love Me , Ingram Will Settle Them Once And For All.

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    In Why Do Onions Make Me Cry , I enjoyed the variety of questions tackled by the author I was expecting the answers to be straightforward with a quick summary expanding it, but instead I was pleasantly surprised to see the author take time to share studies, theories, and information tidbits that developed the topic in such an in depth and interesting way that even if the reader had already been familiar with the topic, the material had new thoughts and was engaging for them The illustrations, did you know s and try it s even further pulled me in as a reader.But at the same time, I was sharply reminded how a view of science through a believer in evolution permeates so much of their thought process and rationalism How depressing and limiting is the view that humans are just another animal As I am a Christian and believer in a God created universe, my enjoyment in the reading of this book written from such a perspective was greatly hampered I definitely had some Huh I never knew that moments where I had to set down the book and wander off in search of someone to share my newly enlightened thoughts with This book is a gold mine of such info nuggets, and for that, the nerdy part of me rejoiced For prospective readers, a quick content warning about some guy humor and choice in topics that would make me place the book in a for adult category FTC Disclosure I received a copy of this book for promotional purposes from Netgalley I was not required ...

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    Onions make us cry because cutting one up releases a specific chemical that needs so says our body be washed away with tears There are some folk theories on how to avoid the tears, but nothing has been proved to work consistently and well So there s that, in fact it s the shortest chapter in the book But then there are all these other chapters arranged in 5 categories that answer so many interesting questions in a elaborate and user friendly way Very user friendly, in fact, sometimes almost oversimplified, but mostly that was the case with the categories and things I already knew, so that s a biased opinion Anyway, I absolutely loved this book This is exactly the right way for someone like me interested in science, but not necessarily scientifically minded to learn about it There is such a wide range of questions, covering subjects from Sasquatches to pee odors and it s all exceptionally well explained, accessible for most educational levels, and most of all fun You know, because learning ought to be fun It even has entertaining asides such as science fact and science fiction, where Ingram compares popular knowledge often sourced from literature and...

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    4 For crying out loud Protip to ensure that onions do not make you cry try not to form an emotional bond with them works everytime This book is set up in parts human body, human brain , animal kingdom, the natural world and weird science Each part has multiple questions in it and it give a easy to understand yet fact based response to questions My favorite part of the layout is the Did you know section under each question I think that was the most fun to read Now the 3 4 page response to each question was also interesting to learn as well don t get me wrong The comics included are also adorable and funny So to answer our cover question why do onions make us cry Did you know it s a chemical reaction from the blade to compounds in onions All the old wives tales to prevent tearing up are actually not foulproof For example I believed if I wore ...

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    A books of funny facts and explanation Simple, the choice of facts was interesting enough, but there isn t any references so the scientific info may be questionable, even if the author has some professional notoriety I would I like it to be just factual, withou...

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    Looking for some fun facts to entertain your inner nerd This will do it While some questions don t have definitive answers, there s plenty to keep you entertained here and you might just find some answers to questions you ve wondered about.Thank you to Simon Schuster Canada and NetGalley for the...

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    In Why Do Onions Make Me Cry, Ingram answers the really hard hitting questions The questions humanity has been burning to have answered for years Questions like, Could Humans Ever Hibernate Where Do Cats Come From Why Does Campfire Smoke Seem to Follow Me Around and my personal favorite.Could We Bring Back the Dinosaurs Why Do Onions Make Me Cry takes a lot of scientific answers and explains them in a way I found to be interesting and captivating Sometimes, it seems like in order to enjoy and understand a science book, you need to bring a dictionary and a working knowledge of the theories that the author claims are beginner level I didn t have that issue with WDOMMC Everything was presented in an easy to read and easy to comprehend way I enjoyed reading the little tangent Did You Know facts included throughout the chapters And the Try This Out sections helped create easy, at home experiments to help the reader fully understand the scientific aspects Ingram talked about There were some pretty rad doodle drawings included and all in all, the book was entertaining and informative There were ...

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    I was sent an e arc by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review A lovely blend of scientific and light hearted with a bit of line drawn art awesomeness to boot Personally I was interested in the first half than the second, but I did like quite a few of the animal and space themed sections While I can t say I knew a lot of this going in yay new knowledge , I can say that some of what I previously did know got turned on its head with new insight on theories and facts which seemed to have changed or been disproven since I first heard of them That is one...

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    Why Do Onions Make Me Cry is a science question and answer book It is full of commonly asked questions with relatively brief but comprehensive answers For example, why is the sky blue I was glad to learn the answer, but don t ask me to try to explain it to you I would need to reread that section a few times before it will stick in my head I learned that insects don t have blood, per se The equivalent substance that flows through them is called hemolymph And sometimes insects waste products are called frass Hemolymph and frass Those are both great words This book is actually a compilation of information from the author s two previous books, The Science of Why and The Science of Why 2 So, if you already have read those books, the...

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    Entertaining look at things sciencyI loved this book It consists of short snippets on things sciency, along with rather cute illustrations The snippets are extremely well written and amusing, with author Jay Ingram showing a good sense of humor Ingram writes in a conversational tone and the book felt like Ingram was talking to me over a cup of coffee, than I was reading his book Although science, Ingram exp...

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    This book was informative and a fun read It s only two stars because I m not sure if I would read it again For people that are interested in how things work or why things happen, I recommend this read This book made me think by not only answering questions I had been wondering about, but by asking question...

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