Social Misconduct

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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Social Misconduct
  • S.J. Maher
  • 09 September 2017
  • 9781982109066

About the Author: S.J. Maher

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Social Misconduct book, this is one of the most wanted S.J. Maher author readers around the world.

Social Misconduct A Timely And Shocking Thriller About A Young Woman Who Is The Target Of A Social Media Smear Campaign Smart, Sardonic, Sexy, Suspenseful And Scary, Because It S Probably True Lee Child, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Jack Reacher Series Her Perfect Job Becomes The Perfect Nightmare When A Stalker Hacks Her Phone.Candace Walker Is Thrilled When She Lands A New Job At A Hip Manhattan Tech Company And Gets A Brand New IPhone She S Than Ready To Move On From Creating Clickbait Ads For Weight Loss Pills And Herbal Erection Boosters, And Is Determined To Dazzle The Startup Team She Joins.A Week Later, Though, Everything Is At Risk Candace Is The Target Of A Mysterious Harasser And An Online Smear Campaign She Tosses Her New Phone Into The Hudson River, Begins Hiding Out In Her Sister S Storage Locker In New Jersey, And Can T Think Of A Single Person She Can Trust But Candace Hasn T Come This Far And Gone To Such Lengths To Submit To What Is Happening Without A Fight.

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    SynopsisWhen Candace Walker starts a job at a marketing company in Manhattan, she s thrilled about the perks, which include a brand new company iPhone But someone should have told her not to click on attachments in texts from strangers Her phone is hacked and her personal photos are shared with the world, threatening her career and her sanity A week later she s on the run, accused of murder, and terrified for her lifePlot This book is a cautionary tale about social media and internet security Have strong passwords, people The story line is timely, especially in an era where privacy is almost entirely nonexistent.The chapters of Social Misconduct plunge forward with very little break in between the action The chapters are short, and I often found myself thinking the clich of oh, well, I ll just read one chapter before bed That said, I sometimes thought the chapters were a little too short, since alternating chapters are in different timelines, and the transition between these two timelines often felt abrupt I was just learning about another incident of sexual harassment that had happened to Candace at her workplace in the past, and I m already launched back into the present, where she s in hiding and peeing into a bu...

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    Talk about a real page turner You could read this in a matter of hours with it s short chapters Alternating time periods keep the story moving even faster A deranged book about hackers and social media that may just have you throwing your phone in the nearest river

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    Book Review Social Misconduct by S J MaherThanks to netgalley simonandschuster for an arc I have a love hate relationship with this book I read about a third, didn t like it and put it down Two weeks later I felt like I should try it again I m so glad I did It s slow going at first with a lot of whining and bitterness from Candace Stick with it It gets better It s told in present tense, running, and past tense, the backstory of how this happened When Candace really starts to run, the pace picks up She s running from a murder charge and a social media smear campaign orchestrated by an unknown enemy Candace asserts her innocence repeatedly She s lost everything I won t spoil anything, but she gets involved with some bad people by accident, and very bad shocking things happen What At this point, I got a sense of dread about where this was going The narrative sort of starts to turn in a direction that I didn t want to believe She uses everything and everyone she can to help her escape The story has a very unexpected twist that left me speechless I didn t see it because it was buried so well There is a menacing creepy vibe in the latter third of the story, which is justified I just didn t imagine it would end like that Candace is intelligent, intuitive and witty She s good at many things that I won t mention here This is a relevant story about the dangers of...

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    Review can be found on my blog here you to the publisher for this eARC of the book via NetGalley..This was the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it I look forward to books by this author.Social Misconduct starts off with the main character Candace as she drops her phone into a river She then takes a ferry to her destination, and is on the run from someone she believes is watching her and following her This alone intrigued me and kept me wanting to read Is someone following her Who would it be and why And why would she drop her phone into the river This book is told in alternating timelines, and each chapter flips back and forth between past and present I really enjoyed this style of the book as it allowed us little bits of information at a time and kept us wanting to read to get all the pieces together Slowly you get the full picture of what happened, and I find it adds to the suspense and leaves you wanting to know , as you flip through the pages to see what happens next.We learn that after Candace gets a new promotion at her job, she suddenly gets threatening text messages on her phone, saying that she owe this person and that if she doesn t do as they say then she will pay She thinks she knows who is sending her these messages and is confused why he is doing this to her and she thought they were friends She soon doubts herself and wonders if she is wrong about the identity of the person sending her these messages Is it truly who ...

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    Social Misconduct begins with an incredibly slow paced opening The reader is given an extreme amount of useless detail that bogs down the story and does not give readers incentive to continue the story If it weren t for the fact that I received an advanced copy, I would have DNF ed the novel The story finally picks up after about 80 pages and continues with an unrelenting pace until the final page of the novel.Social Misconduct is billed as a story about the dangers of social media and how a social media smear campaign can wreck havoc on a person s life Instead, Social Misconduct is about hacking and what happens when a hacker gains access to a person s various social media accounts The novel is told through two timelines, the past and future Readers follow Candace as she deals with the effects of being hacked in real time and the effects of the actions she took to deal with the hacker after the fact This narrative choice may not have been the best since it does not serve the story as well as the...

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    Social Misconduct was not good The writing and grammar could use some work I didn t know that S.J Maher was a male author when I initially requested the book from NetGalley, but you can still tell that Candace s voice isn t realistic or authentically female No one actually says FML or AF or hawt None of the characters are likeable and Candace is the worst, which makes it hard to empathize with her in her situation Candace judges people based on stereotypes, she is an annoying vegan, and she thinks she s hot shit and is entitled to everyone and everything.Aside from the horrible characters, the whole story felt really gross and the author tended to throw around rape quite loosely It felt like the book was trying to go for shock value instead of being an interesting or thought provoking crime thriller about social media The author manages to fit in sexual harassment, workplace sexual harassment, rape, drugging people, prostitution, murder, and swatting all without consequences and ...

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    I wanted to like Social Misconduct because I know the author personally He lives up the street Imagine if I didn t like his latest novel Would I have to cross to the other side of the road if I saw him coming, or endure the agony of pretending that I liked it You see, I cannot tell a lie.Mercifully, it s a good read Social Mi...

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    If you enjoy thrillers that are dark, twisty, suspenseful and unpredictable, you ll love this book It s unique and well written a great read for fans of GONE GIRL.

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    Well now I wanna DELETE all of my social media accounts

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    The first thing so say about Social Misconduct by S.J Maher is that it ends with the best kind of surprise not a twist and not an implausible change of heart, but a revelation of what has really been going on all the time.The novel is a sustained chase scene as the central character, Candace Walker, must run and duck and hide from an extremely unpleasant and persistent hacker stalker, a violent pimp and the police forces of the USA and Canada Short chapters are set alternately before and after the central event which precipitates Candace s flight, yet the reader never loses the thread for a moment.Candace tells her tale in the most intimate of first person narratives Along with all the truly dreadful predicaments she faces with such pluck and determination, she seems to call out for the reader s sympathy Yet, somehow, even from the first page, I felt nothing than a remote horror for what happens to her Perhaps because it was so easy to imagine what she might tell me ...

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