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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Me, Myself & Ideas
  • Carrie Anton
  • 25 May 2019
  • 9781449496289

About the Author: Carrie Anton

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Me, Myself & Ideas book, this is one of the most wanted Carrie Anton author readers around the world.

Me, Myself & Ideas Part Business Resource, Part Inspirational Workbook, The Lone Brainstormer Is A Visually Driven Idea Generator That Teaches Self Employed Professionals Be They Artists, Freelancers, Or CEOs The Habits They Need To Bring Out Their Hidden Creative Talents Offering Tips, Tools, And Exercises Aimed At Crushing Mental Blocks And Forging Ahead With Fresh Ideas, The Lone Brainstormer Is A Beautifully Illustrated Book For Anyone Who Has Found Their Calling And Needs Help Sustaining It.

10 thoughts on “Me, Myself & Ideas

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    Advance Review Copy generously provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Well, this was disappointing for me For a book that is supposed to help you with organisations it s somewhat unorganised Jumping from here to there then repeating what was said couple pages earlier As for the ideas part That is definitely not fo...

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    This is a great resource for anyone who must do some brainstorming on their own Although this targets those who are self employed, it also contains ideas that would help anyone plan a personal project of any sort.Some of the suggestions within might be a bit obvious for anyone who has done a lot of brainstorming either in groups or on their own I also found it a bit puzzling that in one breath the authors roll their eyes with you about the cringey activities that are often encouraged in corporate group work, then a few pages later, some of the suggested solo activities might be equally nonsensical To each their own, I suppose.Overall, though, this book is packed with great ideas to get the creative juices flowing Even seasoned pros will find some ne...

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    This is a book that suppose to do two things First help you organized your though kind of, and the book is, in my opinion, not really well organized Second, it pretend to help creative people finding a way to brainstorm organized their thoughts, but if you re creative I think you should be able to use your creativity to find your own way to do it, that is way creativity is I just don t see the points with t...

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    I randomly saw this title on Netgalley and the cover jumped at me in a good way It looked fun and playful, everything someone stuck in a creative rut would appreciate I m about to write my bachelor thesis in the field of Digital Marketing and I honestly got some amazing tips and tricks from this handy little book, that I will use throughout the process of writing my report It will especially be very helpful in the beginning, to narrow down my problems and keep my focus I love the vibrant color schemes, it really g...

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    I have to admit that it took me way time than just 1 hour to read this one I m not sure it was so much put all the time I spent with it together, but I simply couldn t read it in one sitting Not that it s long, or hard to digest It s not But I expected something light and inspiring, and I m not sure that s what I got In a way, yes, it s exactly that there are relatively short texts and many things are explained via illustrations, and the aim is clearly to give step by step tips to inspire creativity However, it felt hard to concentrate on it after a while I don t know if it s the style or the length or the fact that I m not completely sure creativity works this way, but I didn t feel inspired to wanting to have ideas at all I just wanted to stop reading and doing something else or simply reading something else.It does not mean that I found this book completely useless There are tips and methods I really think would be helpful when someone s even I m stuck and needs to speed up their ...

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    Whether you are trying to think up the perfect plot for your great American novel, create a new business, or energize an existing business with a new product or marketing plan, Me, Myself Ideas can help.Brainstorming is usually done in a group But what if there is only you in the room The authors have modified traditional brainstorming ideas so they can be performed by one person They begin with breakouts and icebreakers to warm up your brain But the meat of the book is in the brainstorming exercises themselves Divided into methods using art, English, drama, and science as their muse, it is likely that at least one or two types will work for each reader.There is nothing really new presented here However, the style and humor in the book are a welcome addition to the surprisingly dry academic books on creativity Years ago, I took a Master s level Creativity Class th...

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    I obtained some helpful tips from reading this book, but found it to be lacking in depth I went into it expecting to find deep, well ordered methods of sparking creativity What I found felt like a book of 500 ways to brainstorm At times, it was hard to figure out exactly what the object of the chapter was I was completely lost at other points The book seemed geared toward millennials who have a short...

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    As someone who works in the creative field and also tackles a lot of solo projects, I was excited about this book and thought it sounded like it might be applicable to my situation While the idea is great in theory, the execution just didn t work that well for me I found that Me, Myself Ideas had some good brainstorming ideas but it jumped all over and I found it hard to stay focused while reading While I think they were striving to make the book ...

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    A visually appealing book, full of practical exercises and wonderful advice on brainstorming I especially loved the part where authors list the major roadblocks and then steps to move past them A paperback or hardcopy would be better than a Kindle version.I received a free copy from NetGalley.

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    Well done book As I used to be in different training situations, I think this book would be useful for team projects to get ideas started, especially with groups that aren t that creative by nature I also think for high school students and those just starting college, it may help get you thinking outside of the box in order to get the creative mojo going when you may feel blocked I personally like the way...

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