Identity Theft

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Identity Theft
  • Debra Meyerson
  • 06 July 2019
  • 9781449496319

About the Author: Debra Meyerson

In 2010, when I was a professor at Stanford, I suffered a severe stroke I lost all movement of my right arm and leg even worse, I lost all ability to communicate While I won my struggle to survive, much of my identity as a Stanford professor, a speaker and writer, an athlete, a mother and a wife was taken from me My mind was working but I was trapped inside a broken body, unable to do what

Identity Theft I Dentity Theft Follows Stanford Professor Debra Meyerson S Journey To Recover From A Severe Stroke That Initially Left Her Physically Incapacitated And Unable To Speak In Addition To Providing Realistic Expectations For The Hard Work Needed To Regain Everyday Capabilities, Meyerson Focuses On The Less Frequently Documented Emotional Journey In Recovery Virtually Every Survivor Is Haunted By Questions Like Who Am I Now And How Do I Rebuild A Meaningful And Rewarding Life After Losing So Much Of What They Had Before Capabilities, Careers And Jobs, Relationships, And This Is A Book Full Of Hope For Survivors From Stroke Or Other Injuries As Well As Their Families And Support Networks.All Author Proceeds From This Book Will Go To Stroke, A Nonprofit Initiative That Will Support Stroke And Other Survivors, And Advocate For A Human Centered Approach To Health Care Identity Theft Centers On Debra S Experience Her Stroke, Her Extraordinary Efforts To Recover, And Her Journey To Redefine Herself But She Also Draws On Her Skills As A Social Scientist, Sharing Stories From Several Dozen Fellow Survivors, Family Members, Friends, Colleagues, Therapists, And Doctors She Has Met And Interviewed By Sharing This Diversity Of Experiences, Debra Highlights How Every Person Is Different, Every Stroke Is Different, And Every Recovery Is Different She Provides A Valuable Look At The Broad Possibilities For Successfully Navigating The Challenging Physical Recovery And The Equally Difficult Emotional Journey Toward Rebuilding One S Identity And A Rewarding Life After A Trauma Like Stroke.

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    I think this book was incredible Someone very important to me also has aphasia, and also had a stroke very similar to Dr Meyerson s I found this book to be very enlightening in helping me to understand what she is going through.

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    Identity Theft is a great read certainly for any stroke survivor or person close to one, but also for anyone trying to find balance and purpose in the face of life altering change The book is Debra Meyerson s deeply compassionate, extraordinarily inspiring narrative about coming to terms with who she is, how she will live her life, and what kind of contribution she now has to offer the world after stroke changed her life as she had known it a scholar deeply engaged in research and teaching aimed at advancing workplace equality an athlete with a passion for skiing, sailing, running, biking, hiking a mother of a teenage daughter at home and two sons in college, committed to being their rock as they forged their way to adulthood a spouse who imagined a life with her husband predicated on all these abilities and aspirations remaining intact and obtainable for many years to come Eight years post stroke and thousands of hours of rehab later, Debra has made serious strides in her physical recovery and, just as capably as before, she can voice ideas in her head, but she still struggles to express them verbally and in writing, has little use of her right arm and hand, and walks with a limp.This book asks the question who are we when what we have come to believe are our most valued capacities whether to give a lecture or race down a ski slope, as in Debra s case, or to play ball with one s young son or to c...

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    There s a victim, and there s a survivor, and it s a true choice, she explained A victim doesn t thrive, survivors do

    Whoa Just whoa Identity Theft is a book that hit close to home I am extremely close with a 77 year old stroke survivor and I have witnessed firsthand his physical and emotional struggles and the change in character he has undergone This book primarily focuses on the transformation of identity that accompanies surviving a stroke It shows us how various social dynamics change and the struggle some stroke survivors go through to come to terms with the loss of their former identity.

    After reading this book I get the feeling that a person s Identity is sort of like a mirror Our personal identity is endlessly changing depending on how we perceive our image in the mirror This perception is based on who or what we see alongside our reflection After surviving a traumatic event the mirror shatters and people lose sight of themselves for a period of time A person s first instinct would be to try and go back to being who they we...

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    Identity Theft is a gift to the world and I recommend it for anyone who has undergone a major trauma stroke or otherwise and for their caregivers For many stroke survivors, they haven t lost their cognitive abilities, but suffer from aphasia that hinders their ability to translate their thoughts into words, so many think they have Dr Debra Meyerson dispels this and examines other challenges with a thoughtful, comprehensive look at her experience and those of other stroke survivors People expect the difficulty of the long hours of physical therapy, but much less has been written about how to deal with the emotional challenges of having your identity snatched from you in an instant Once it became clear to Debra that she could no longer do many of the activities that formed her existing identity as a tenured Stanford professor, accomplished skier and sailor, etc , she realized she couldn t recover her identity, so sought to rebuild it She looked at the values underlying each part of her identity, and then looked for substitutes within her abilities to establish a new identity Her story and others are inspirational, but she also looks at the ongoing frustrations of others who cling to their former identity and refuse to rebuild a new one The book oozes with love and care as she give practical advice on everything from dealing with family impacts, a different social life, intimacy, financial difficulties, the medical syst...

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    I was excited to read this book because, while I have not had a stroke, I have personally experienced identity loss due to medical trauma and chronic health problems It s an issue that I don t often see discussed, and I think many people could benefit from reading this book The author shares her own story of having multiple strokes and her healing journey, as well as sharing other people s stories She also cites relevant studies and provides numerous notes and references.The book was very readable, encouraging, and at times, humorous I appreciated how the author shared stories that were inspirational as well as stories of people who are struggling to recover She distills these experiences into practical advice for accepting your new reality and forging a new identity, focusing on building a better future rather than recovering the past I have a better understanding of post traumatic growth after reading this, and I f...

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    Debra Meyerson s book, Identity Theft Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke, combines the elements of a memoir, textbook, and philosophy of life into a must read book for stroke survivors and their families By intertwining her voice with others, she leads us through her own recovery with deliberation, strength, and even humor Identity Theft allows the reader to share in Meyerson s journey as she redefines herself and her reason for being.Identity Theft does exactly what Meyerson hopes to do It teaches Through interviews and research, the book delves into the physical and psychological battle necessary to recover from stroke It also gives much needed information about the resources and limits of the medical community Clearly stated and outlined, the book becomes a valuable tool for those involved or interest...

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    This is a wonderful book and not just for stroke victims and their families and caregivers If you ve ever wondered how to support a friend going through a difficult time, struggled with an unexpected setback or worked through your own changing identity as life progresses, or if you just want to read the story of an amazing person and family and their determination to survive and thrive after a life changing event, this is the book for you I wish my family had had this book to refer to after my mom had an aneurysm in her early 40 s, as things may have turned out much better for her and my family if we d had Debra Meyerson s wisdom and insights back then And as my friends and I struggle to figure out our next phase of life after our kids leave home, this book is an inspiring example of how to emerge and face this new phase of life with a renewed sense of purpose Debra Meyerson may not be teaching at Stanford any, but she is ...

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    Atul Gawande, Sheryl Sandberg and Jill Bolte Taylor rolled into one If you ve read Being Mortal, Option B and or Stroke of Insight, then you re ready and in need of Debra Myerson s newest book on her journey after stroke Debra leverages her academic training and expertise on social identities to study her own identity and those of her family, friends, professional colleagues and acquaintances as she begins to re define herself in her life She offers equal measures of observation, wisdom and practical guidance for anyone of us, similarly upset by a traumatic health event that affects o...

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    For Everyone Not Just Stroke Survivors and Their Families Identity Theft will resonate with stroke survivors and their loved ones and give them a positive feeling of not being alone in their struggles There also are useful stories to reignite hope and keep patients motivated in working on their recovery and becoming as comfortable as possible with their new life roles The well written and well edited book will help you feel empathy and understanding for any stroke survivor you know But beyond the specifics of dealin...

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    I was so inspired reading Debra Meyerson s story of her journey through recovery from her stroke Its a powerful book about learning what is important in life and how to make sure you live your values, even after your self identify is suddenly altered Professor Meyerson shares her personal story but also those of so many others whose lives have been instantly changed due to stroke or other trauma She shares practical advice from navigating the complex medical system to career challenges to und...

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