With Gratitude

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • With Gratitude
  • Marala Scott
  • 27 July 2017
  • 9781449497279

About the Author: Marala Scott

Latest Release With GratitudeMarala Scott is a multi award winning author who has taken her prolific life story and shared it in her memoir In Our House Perception vs Reality, which chronicles a childhood unlike any other She is passionate about making a difference in this world and shares her story along with a resolution to help others avoid having one like hers Oprah Winfrey took notice of

With Gratitude Poetry And Prose To Reframe Your Days, Renew Your Spirit, And Help You Approach The World With An Eye Towards The Positive, Meaningful Moments With Gratitude With Gratitude Is A Collection Of Relatable Experiences That Will Inspire You To Recognize The Good In Beautiful And Difficult Situations Both Past And Present It Is A Meditation On The Benefits Of Appreciating Love, Loss, Relationships, And Fleeting Moments Of Kindness.

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    With Gratitude by Marala Scott3.25 stars

    With Gratitude is a simple poetry collection that focuses on finding and cultivating gratitude in your own life These poems have heart and it s obvious that this message is very important to Scott I will admit that a lot of these poems sound like cheesy inspirational posters that hang in doctor s offices, but those sayings are popular for a reason People like simple things that remind to be grateful and this poetry collection does just that I do think that this is an important side caveat that some of these poems in this collection are incredibly idealistic and overly indulgent in optimism The problem is that not everyone can see the good because this world is so bad and some people will argue that cultivating this form of gratitude is impossible if struggling with mental illness or trauma I would argue against that as my own personal testimony, but people lead different lives I think this collection is all about perspective, but because not everyone understands their own perspective they make walk away from this collection filled with resentment instead of letting their hearts...

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    3.75 stars A really enjoyable and inspiring collection It is clear the author s intentions and it was done effectively This collection will inspire reads and allow them to reflect on their own lives This is a collection that you can totally read spread out It is very much like advice and intentions, so it would be beneficial to possibly read one a day or space them ou...

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    It is wonderful to share ideas and attitudes that have transformed your life of inspire you to be better.Poetry and emotive prose can capture in short bursts feelings, concepts and life affirming values other writing reflects but ends up overwhelming and burying.With Gratitude, seeks to share ideas that we seldom notice or acknowledge, provides positive outlooks when we see problems, pain and poverty of spirit and love A collection to raise appreciation and open the reader s eyes to what they have and have let slip through their hands Not to gauge it as half full but not yet empty and live for the moment See the now, dismiss the past and embrace the future.Strong words and a positive surge of energy in the reading of this collection.Some my cringe at the simplicity and point out life s open sores and unhealed wounds Some may bounce along a...

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    The cover is really eye catching, the poems are applicable unless you think you have it all figured out I didn t realize how much I have overlooked It s like going back to the basics and diving deep for the lesson that she shared in a neat...

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    I received a free copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.The poems and snippets of beautiful thoughts in this book seem so simple In a way they are, and that is what makes them so great I noticed that often they really touched my emotions Some instances I was mo...

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    With Gratitide is an amazing poetry collection that pulls your heart strings with relatable topics I highly recommend reading it.

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    There is so much to appreciate in this small, but lovely book From its beautiful cover to the stirring words within its pages, I knew right away that I was holding something special in my hands Ms Scott wants our journey through life, the good times, the hard and challenging times, to be all put into the framework of being grateful for the multitude of things we have been given, and continue to receive and have available to us each day if we but notice them Of course, this isn t a new idea, and yes, many others have told us the same thing But this author backs up her opinion by sharing beautiful, personal poetry with us There are so many poems that touched me within this book among them A Painter s Canvas, Those Little Gifts, Inside the Storm, The Reward, Reframe the Picture, Conquered, Loving th...

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    The poems were amazing and relavent to every day life experiences It definitely has the theme of remaining grateful throughout your life, regardless of circumstance It s something you want to read than once

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    The premise of this book is very appealing an inspiration and motivation to live and think positively To see what you can be grateful for, instead of only seeing the obstacles and the wrong That s something I, like many others, struggle with every day, and I always appreciate anything that helps me keep my thoughts positive and optimist, instead of figuratively dying in my dark ways of thinking.This poetry book sounded like one that would inspire me to a positive attitude, but at the end, all I felt was bored These poems does have a meaning and purpose I appreciate, but they are way too vague for me to feel engaged To feelanything They are like a lecture on what you should do and feel, and not how you should do it they don t show to you the beauty in life, in the little things They merely state there is, and that s it They lack depth, and they don t de...

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    felt very moved by many of the poems in this collection I can be a very negative person and cling to difficult and negative experiences for years I still have issues with being bullied when I was a kid I still write poems about someone I broke up with15 years ago The poems in this collection focus on turning negatives into positives Something I m sure many people could do of The situations explored are universal The p...

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