Gingerbread Fred (Ready to Read)

Read ✓ Gingerbread Fred (Ready to Read) By Nick Page –
  • Gingerbread Fred (Ready to Read)
  • Nick Page
  • 16 November 2018
  • 9781846101625

About the Author: Nick Page

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Gingerbread Fred (Ready to Read)Read With Me Is A Series Of Reading Books Designed To Develop The Confidence Of Young Children Between The Ages Of 5 And 7 Using Familiar And New Tales, The Fun Texts Complement The Child S Formal Learning Current Developments In The Teaching Of Reading, Writing And Speaking Guide The Text And Are Behind The Range Of Activities At The End Of Each Book Many Of The Stories Are Told In Rhyme, And Others Have Rhythmic, Rhyming Sections In Most Books Certain Phrases Are Repeated To Encourage The Less Confident Reader The Text Is Positioned On Pale Colors To Help Dyslexic Readers The Newly Commissioned Child Friendly Illustrations Complement The Text, Reinforcing The Humor Found In It At The End Of Each Book A Range Of Activities Encourages The Child To Think About What They Have Read, Retell It In Their Own Words, And Talk About It.

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    This story is the classic tale of Gingerbread Fred escaping from the bakery in which he was made Several animals try to gobble him up, but he says You can t catch me, I m the gingerbread man However, Gingerbread Fred is unable to swim across the river in fear that he could crumble apart if he were to go near the water A fox suggests that he climb onto his back while he swims along, and further persuades him to climb onto his nose where Gingerbread Fred is thrown up into the air and eaten up by the wily fox.Because this book was written to teach a child the sounds of certain vowels and letter combinations, the author chose to highlight the pairs of letters in red and leaving the rest of the text black This emphasizes and gives the reader an opportunity to exercise the pronunciations of letters together The text is kept plain and simple, sometimes changing in style to emphasize the repetition of Run run run, as fast as you can You can t catch me, I m the gingerbread man This line is always written in bold lettering.The repetition of a certain sentence gives the child the opportunity to follow up with an adult reading the story aloud, and even engage in conversation about the story s next event before they turn the page The story isn t all too complicated...

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